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ICS Voice Services

Optimization- In today’s environment, it can be challenging to find the CapEx and OpEx needed to procure new technologies and security solutions. At no charge to the client, ICS will assess your current expenditures in telecom, IT and wireless searching for ways to reduce those costs and reallocate the savings toward updated solutions that enhance business continuity and performance. Our team of experts will provide an analysis depicting your current disposition and produce a comparative analysis that demonstrates savings opportunities offering provider solutions without bias or commission-motivated recommendations.

Sourcing- ICS’s affiliate partnerships provide our firm with access and support from national, regional and local market-based solution providers. Whether it’s a cableco, telco, ISP, MSP or other firm, ICS can prescribe the ideal solution for your business. Not only do we help select the best-of-breed solution, we also project-manage the deployment thus sparing the client any finger-pointing or lack of communication between participating parties.

ICS offers a free Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) for NGFW (Next Generation Firewall). This three to five day evaluation will help you identify security risks and understand your network usage. When utilizing CTAP for NGFW, we will deploy a FortiGate inside your network, monitor traffic, and then generate a report with findings. The report includes three sections including security, productivity, and utilization along with a set of actionable recommendations specific to your network. In turn, you can use this report to highlight the need to invest in security infrastructure with your key decision makers.

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