Threat Prevention & Protection

ICS Threat Prevention & Protection

World-Class Content – Our training content is the most trusted content in the world. Why? Because we rely on world-known experts who are deeply skilled and knowledgeable about the latest cyber threats. Content includes yearly cybersecurity certification training, weekly micro training (built directly into Office 365), monthly newsletters, infographics, and more.

Our email phishing training and cybersecurity education provides employees, management teams, and company leaders with the knowledge they need to spot attempts to hack into your system. Through comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training, your staff becomes your “human firewall”. Our training reduces the risk of employees making the common mistakes that let hackers gain access to valuable data and system programs.

We also provide monitoring of the dark web. Through this monitoring, we can spot the fraudulent use of any of your employee’s passwords that have already been compromised, allowing you to make changes to thwart attempted breaches.

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