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ICS software solutions will provide your business with it’s productivity software needs. We handle the installation, configuration, upgrades, patching, and ongoing maintenance. ICS handles your Office 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Antivirus, and more! Your applications stay updated with ICS.

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ICS Managed Software Solutions

ICS managed software solutions are specifically designed to provide businesses like yours, with the tools and technology it needs to improve productivity. We also focus on enhancing your software security and helping you streamline operations. Provided below are some of the software solutions included:
Software solutions to help businesses manage their IT infrastructure

ICS Business Software Solutions

ICS provides the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite to small and midsized businesses. We use per-user monthly billing, rather than the traditional per-machine rate, significantly reducing the amount your organization has to spend to get the same productivity suite that you’re familiar with.
The Microsoft Office productivity Suite features Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a team SharePoint site, as well as an online meeting place with HD video and screen sharing.

Everything about Office 365 has been redesigned to provide elite usability, with quicker load times to improve workflow. By taking advantage of the cloud, the work you do on all of these applications is automatically saved and backed up, which provides you with peace of mind.
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