Managed IT Services

RMM Support Tools and Client Portal
ICS will provide maintenance and support for existing hardware and software listed in the Addendum. ICS will provide support and troubleshooting for remote access solutions including VPN, remote desktop and webmail. ICS will resolve as many issues as possible remotely and will come On-Site in the event remote resolution is not possible. Remote support of other staff home computers is included for VPN access to the network provided home computers have current Windows or Apple operating systems with antivirus and are updated regularly. System changes beyond what is currently in use in the network are beyond the scope of this Agreement and will be billed separately at ICS’s then prevailing rate.

Comprehensive Support via Portal
ICS will address any issues, concerns or requests using email support as a first resort. Emails can be sent to [email protected] to be added to the support queue.

In-Scope On-site Support:
ICS will provide an on-site visit if both email and remote phone support fail to resolve the issue. On-site support includes hardware repair, network outages, and other forms of repair required to restore service.

Endpoint Protection / Antivirus
All antivirus licensing is included for Servers, MAC’s, and PC’s. Antivirus software is business grade antivirus and will be monitored 24/7.

Full Daily Cloud Backups
Backups will include email, OneDrive, Personal Files, and virtual instances. Typically, a backup is kept until 6 months old, then removed to create space for newer backups.

Review and Reporting
ICS will provide clients with periodic reporting detailing resolved tickets, patching, antivirus performance, service availability and network

Virtual CIO
ICS provides periodic meetings with clients to review upcoming project work, discuss changes in vendors, advise on best practices, review budgets, and plan the technology roadmap for the next period.

Automated Patching and Support
Using ICS’s Remote, Monitoring and Management (RMM) software, unlimited support by RMM systems will be provided, including the installation of critical
updates for Windows Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office 365. Automated support includes remediation for installed malware, failed services, drive clean-up (temporary and unnecessary files), drive optimization, virus, malware, and spyware scans, defrags as well as hardware and software auditing. ICS’s remote monitoring and management software will monitor all PC’s for critical errors.

Office 365 Support and Licensing
Microsoft Office 365 licenses will be provided for each user as identified in the addendum or as quoted in the ICS proposal.

Remote Support with SLA
ICS will assist utilizing phone support at 704-867-4427 if the request involves more than what can be resolved over email. Remote support includes remoting into client’s PC to take control and resolve issues.

Remote Access Software for Users
ICS will set up and deploy a Work from Home program. ICS will issue a login using client email, a secure generated password, multi-factor authentication and grant access to the designated PC only.

Security Threat Protection and Training
ICS Managed Services may include threat protection including simulated phishing attacks, creation of company IT policies and best practices, as well as compliance training and testing.

Firewall Management
ICS will manage and monitor firewalls to keep them updated with the latest stable firmware. ICS will create all port forwards for client’s devices such as cameras, phones, access control, etc. ICS will have alerts sent to support staff upon notice of an intrusion detection or malicious attacks. ICS will maintain all security
licensing as long as Firewall Management is provided in agreement.