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ICS provides your business with a free IT risk assessment. This is a process that evaluates the potential risks and threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure and assets. It is an essential step in identifying vulnerabilities in the system and determining the measures needed to mitigate them.

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Free ICS Threat Assessment

We provide a free IT threat assessment for your business or organization. This involves a comprehensive review of an organization’s hardware, software, network, and data systems. The process includes identifying potential threats, evaluating the likelihood of those threats occurring, and determining the impact they could have on the organization’s operations.
The process can involve several steps, including:


We will also consider the existing security controls in place and determine if they are sufficient to protect against the identified risks. If not, recommendations will be provided to improve security controls to address the identified vulnerabilities.
Overall, our free IT threat assessment is a valuable tool for any organization to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure. It provides a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of existing security controls and establishing a plan to improve them to better protect the organization’s critical assets.
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